Healthy Mourning Revolution  FREE Live Launch

In 1 hour a day over the span of 5 days we will...

  • discover the sacred nature of the grief journey.
  • explore the myths of grief.
  • learn how to work with and through our grief with ease and grace. 
  • discover the next steps in our grief journey.

By the end of the workshop you will find hope for the future and you will know that joy is possible, even as you grieve.


Dody S. Florida, USA

You will never meet a more loving, caring, genuine and compassionate staff that will help you identify your carried and buried grief...

This, folks, is the 'real deal.'

Flathri O'M,


HMR is the first therapeutic process that I have come across that takes on grief and loss squarely and provides a compassionate, gentle,  intelligent pathway on how one can transform

grief into healthy mourning.

Kimberly W.

Indiana, USA

Healthy Mourning Revolution

Live Launch

has worked miracles on me...

It has helped me more than I ever believed possible.