Healthy Mourning Revolution  FREE Live Launch

If you are interested in learning about the difference between grief and mourning and converting your grief to mourning in healthy and authentic ways, the Healthy Mourning Revolution Live Launch is for you.

  • Begins May 10, 2021
  • 1 hour a day, for 5 days, live (5:00 PT, 8:00 ET)
  • complimentary workbook;
  • daily give away draws;
  • If you are not on FB, we now have a way for you to join us in the program.

By the end of the workshop you will find hope for the future and you will know that joy is possible, even as you grieve.


Suzy T. Potsdam, NY, USA

These last 5 days gave me hope, different perspective on grieving vs mourning, peace, permission to "feel" and not apologize for tears. 

I got some important "tools" to put in my toolbox.

Flathri O'M,


HMR is the first therapeutic process that I have come across that takes on grief and loss squarely and provides a compassionate, gentle,  intelligent pathway on how one can transform

grief into healthy mourning.

Kimberly W.

Indiana, USA

Healthy Mourning Revolution

Live Launch

has worked miracles on me...

It has helped me more than I ever believed possible.