Private Consultation 3-Hour Flex Package $660 US

I understand the following to be true:

  • The intention of all modalities used by Maria Kliavkoff is to support me in realizing my personal goals and intentions;
  •  The mind/body/heart/soul connection is strong, and Maria will guide me in developing supportive beliefs;
  • My work with Maria and MK Facilitations is intended to support and empower me in creating a positive framework from which to create self-empowered beliefs and work through my grief journey;
  • All modalities used are learning techniques that supports personal wellness, and the results vary by individual;
  • Maria Kliavkoff and MK Facilitations' responsibility is limited to providing the one-on-one session, and is not liable or held responsible for any outcomes following the session;
  • Maria Kliavkoff does not counsel, give advice, diagnose, or prescribe. Maria will guide me in the clarification of my grief process, so I may make clear choices and accept personal responsibility for my results;
  • All modalities used by MK Facilitations work harmoniously with all other techniques and modalities.  They do not replace informed medical or holistic consultations, opinions or diagnoses. 
  • All confidentiality is respected, all information shared is kept in strict confidence.

In addition, under no circumstances will the providers be liable for any ordinary, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of any of the foregoing, whether or not the providers were told of, knew or ought reasonably to have known of the possibility of such loss, damage or injury.

It is our honour to work with you through the grief journey and beyond.

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Healthy Mourning Private Consultation Flex Pass

When you find yourself stuck and need a little extra help to move through this piece of your grief journey, I am here to walk with you through this sacred process.

We move at your pace.  This price is for 3 hours of private consultation with Maria Kliavkoff.  It can be used anytime needed in the next year and is delivered in whatever time increments are needed, everything from 15 minutes to an hour and a half at a time. 

We meet via phone, zoom or facebook messenger, whichever you prefer.  In zoom we have the opportunity to record the session in case you would like to keep a recording which can be helpful so that you can review it in the following week.

Normally $275 US for a 1-hour private session, the $660 US for the 3-hour flex pass is a wonderful opportunity to use our time as will best serve you.  Most clients find they get much more out of 1 hour with Maria than others accomplish over many months with other grief support.

Let's work together to overcome the stuck places and move through your unique grief journey with ease and grace.