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Group Agreements

For your understanding - please read:   This statement is designed to bring clarity to the intention and scope of the HMR Program. Everyone participating in the program are expressing their own thoughts, feelings and opinions.  We create a safe and welcoming space where everyone can be heard and honoured. The depth of our conversation is reflective of all participants in each session.  We each are accountable and responsible to and for ourselves as per the group agreements listed here.

1. Confidentiality - What is said here stays here. Everything is confidential. We share from our own experience and honour each person's experience without repeating it. 

2. "I"-speak - We speak from our own experience only, not "we" or "others".  We honour our own story and allow others to hear their truth in our conversation.  

3. No Judgement or Unsolicited Advice - Everyone is free and safe to speak their truth. No one in this group will judge either themselves or others or offer unsolicited advice.  

4. Be Kind and Courteous - We approach all conversation with an assumption of gentleness. Be kind and courteous in all conversations. 

5. Honour and Respect Each Other and the Work - We honour each other’s time by being on time.  We begin on time, and we end on time.  We invite you to join 5 minutes early to be ready to begin on time. We ask that you turn off all other devices, and focus on the group when you are with us. 

6Inclusiveness - We are an inclusive group; we honour and welcome all equally. 

7. Trust The Process - We trust the process and the unfoldment of the work as guided by the Facilitator. 

8. Gratitude - Gratitude is at the core of all healing. We keep gratitude in the forefront of our thinking and our practice. 

These sessions are not for therapeutic purposes, they are intended to be informal conversations.  Please note that guidance from our facilitator(s) is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is not a substitute for a medical exam, nor does it replace the need for services provided by medical professionals. Always seek the advice of your medical professional before making any changes to your treatment. Any medical questions should be directed to your personal doctor.

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HMR Program

Hello and Welcome

The HMR Program is a monthly subscription program designed to support those who are working with Maria's book Healthy Mourning, Happy Loving 52 ways to convert your grief to mourning with ease and grace.  Every month we explore a different theme in healing, every week we work with a conversion technique specifically suited to address the theme of the month.  The months are laid out as follows, you can join at any time.  We trust that you have found us at the right and perfect moment for your grief journey.

January - A Fresh Start

February - Physical Symptoms of Grief

March - Mental Symptoms of Grief

April - Emotional Symptoms of Grief

May - Discovery Part 1

June - Social Symptoms of Grief

July - Spiritual Symptoms of Grief

August - Discovery Part 2

September - Honouring Our Loved Ones

October - Legacy

November - Gratitude

December - Holidays and the Grief Journey

Join us as we gather for.

* Weekly Facebook Live Sessions - where Maria reads a chapter of the book and works with those on the call to identify the aspect of the conversion technique that would support their grief journey the best.These sessions are recorded and put into the classroom for viewing at your convenience within the course of the month.

* Monthly Zoom Group Q and A - where we gather as a community to ask our questions and learn from one-another.  The call begins with a reflection by Maria on the theme of the month, she then answers the questions that we've received throughout the month on a live zoom meeitng.  We go until every questions is answered.

* Access to the HMR Program Facebook Page.  This page is reserved for participants in this program.  It is a place to communicate with each other, support each other, share your idea's and your experiences as together we convert our grief to mourning. 

* Access to the Healthy Mourning Library, these were video's that were made prior to, during and just after the writing of the book.  It is the library of videos referenced in the book.

* An easy to navigate classroom so that you can review the FB lives and the Q and A's from the month at your convenience.