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Healthy Mourning Revolution Live Launch

In this time of a global grief pandemic, it has never been more important to learn how to convert our grief to mourning in healthy ways.  Join us as together we choose healthy mourning as our way through the grief journey.    

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I have created this space as a closed group where we can safely reflect on the thoughts, feelings and blocks that we encounter in the grief journey.

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Healthy Mourning, Happy Loving

52 ways to convert your grief to mourning with ease and grace. This book teaches us to listen to our inner wisdom and offers practical ways to use our daily experience as a pathway to authentic mourning.

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Grieve in a Healthy Way

Most of us have grown up in a grief phobic, mourning avoidant society, so it is no surprise that when faced with the death of a loved one, we don't know what to do with our grief. As a result, most of us bury and carry our grief for years, and even decades. Healthy Mourning is specially designed to teach everyone how to convert their grief to mourning and move through the grief process with ease and grace.

About Maria Kliavkoff

Maria is a native New Yorker who moved to Calgary in the summer of 1988. As a professional keynote speaker and facilitator, Maria has been committed to the personal and professional development of her clients on both sides of the border. While studying with Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Maria discovered the epidemic of buried and carried grief that is spreading through North America. Maria is dedicated to fostering compassionate communities throughout North America by teaching healthy mourning as a pathway to happy living and joyful loving.

Success Stories:

"Maria brings a gentle approach of including and honouring all parts of life including the parts that are often glossed over and difficult to work with and accept.”
Workshop Participant, Drumheller, AB

Healthy Mourning Programs

Basics of Healthy Mourning


This is the recording of our most recent Live Launch which is 5 hours of course which covers the myths and truths about grief and mourning.  It is a course that has offered hope and encouragement to many.


Healthy Mourning Revolution Program



This is our signature course for anyone who is currently grieving the loss of a loved one.  


Basics of Bereavement Certificate Program


This is a 21-hour certificate course on the Basics of Bereavement designed for anyone who works with those who are grieving.  Based on Dr. Alan Wolfelt's Companioning Model, this course has received rave reviews from all who have taken it.  To see course testimonials go to



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