Complicated, Traumatic and Pandemic Grief

This 7- week, 21-hour, on-line, certificate program is designed for hospice workers, spiritual community workers, social workers, teachers, school counselors, crisis workers, therapists, funeral home employees, or any individual who wants to contribute to the creation of compassionate grief communities.

 Training includes:

  • Module 1: Introduction and Terminology
  • Module 2: Complicated Grief including Special Features of Complicated Grief
  • Module 3: Traumatic and Pandemic Grief
  • Module 4: Special Features of Traumatic and Pandemic Grief
  • Module 5: Needs of Mourning in a Grief Pandemic
  • Module 6: Importance of Self Care
  • Module 7: Moving Forward in A Grief Pandemic

Program Outcome: Participants feel comfortable, confident and knowledgeable in the areas of complicated, traumatic and pandemic grief and bereavement 

Prerequisite for Training:

  • Basics of Bereavement (or equivalent Companioning Training)

Next Training: Tuesdays October 31-December 12 1:00-4:00pm PT

Cost: $650.00 US 

Special pricing available for organizations



Laurie C.

Perth, ON, Canada

I really, really appreciate this course happening now. Thank you. I cannot thank you enough for taking us through this at this point in time in the pandemic. It honestly just couldn't have happened at a better time. It's necessary. You are transmitting so many truths that are so necessary to hear right now because we're been locked up and isolated so thank you for doing all of this, it's wonderful.


Jim M.

Trail, BC, Canada


I thought the course layout was incredible. It was like a journey to freedom in so many ways. The material was excellent, the group was excellent and the facilitator (Maria) was incredibly gifted.


Christa R.

Nakusp, BC Canada



Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. This course was life changing.